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At the beginning, drawings used to be done in about 10 hours. But, little by little, the drawings have become more and more detailed and the number of hours spent working on them has increased consequently. Since June 2005, time spent on each artwork is indicated in its legend.
Now, I need 7-8h to finish the sketches, 10 to 15h for the detailed sketches, about 25h for the semi realistic drawings and about 50h for the photo realistic drawings.

As explained in the page "Anatomy of a drawing", I often use a grid in order to keep precise proportions. "Freehand" simply means that, for the drawings in question, I didn't use a grid, I only looked at the reference picture and tried to reproduce it as lifelike as possible.

No, hot linking is not allowed. If you want to post (on a website or a forum) a link to a drawing, please link the home page or the section of this site that contains the drawing you're interested in.

You have to ask me permission first, by sending me an email containing the address of your website.

If I allowed you to do so (see above), you must observe the following conditions:

  • Put a link to this website and give me proper credit.
  • IMPORTANT: the drawings displayed on other websites must be exhibited "as is", without any kind of tamporing, meaning: do not trim the drawing AND do not erase the mention "ACC" as well as the site's tag.
  • You must copy the drawings on your own website. Please avoid linking the drawings from this site directly, as it uses a lot of bandwidth.

I've opened a store on the website in order to offer you new products based on my drawings. Indeed, Society6 allows me to offer my drawings as:
- Prints with ot without frame
- Stretched canvases
- Stationery cards: sets of 3, 5 or 10 folded cards (with envelopes)
- cases for iPhone and other phones
- iPad and iPad mini cases
- iPhone and iPod skins
- Laptop and iPad skins
- Mugs
- Throw pillows with or without insert
- Tote bags
- Wall clocks
- Rugs

Little by little, Society6 enlarges the list of products so don't hesitate to visit the shop to see the new items.

There's also the possibility to create t-shirts, Hoodies and other kinds of apparels. So, don't hesitate to let me know if you'd like to buy a t-shirt or a Hoodie made from one of the drawings available in my Society6 store.

I will progressively add to my Society6 store most of the drawings listed on the page "Originals for purchase" so if you're interested by one in priority, don't hesitate to contact me to let me know.

- The prices on Society6 are in $ (US dollars) so if you'd like to know them in you own currency, use a convert such as
- You can pay with Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and PayPal.
- Society6 uses SSL to encrypt their checkout pages so that the checkout is secured.
- The dimensions of the products are given in inches and 1 inch = 2.54 cm
- If you want more details about the products sold on Society6, check their "Products" page
- Society6 produces, packages and ships the products bought on their website so don't hesitate to check their "Terms of Service" if you need information.

Yes, still offers you reproductions of drawings displayed in the gallery on high quality photo paper, in the following sizes: 13 x 18 cm (5.1 x 7.1 in.) ; A4 (21 x 29,7 cm) (8.3 x 11.7 in.) or A3 (29,7 x 42 cm) (11.7 x 16.5 in.). You are invited to contact me if you'd like to order some.
Please note that some of the drawings available as prints on the website are not available as such on Society6. is an online gallery that offers 3 kinds of products:

  • reproductions of drawings displayed in the gallery on high quality photo paper
  • creations (originals of drawings) displayed in the gallery
  • personalized drawing commissions that can be done in different styles

Step 1: the choice of the pictures. It can be only one picture or a selection of pictures if you want to combine several elements on the drawing. The clearer the pictures, the more lifelike the drawing will be. If you send me the reference pictures by email, I'll ask the resolution of the pictures to be as high as possible. You can also send me the originals of the pictures at the time you order the commission and I'll give them back to you when I send you the drawing.

Step 2: Discussions about all the details of the commission in order to precisely estimate the price of the creation.

Step 3: I make a draft containing all the elements of the drawing and I send it to you by email along with a contract recapping all the terms of the commission. When we agree on the draft, you send the signed contract back to me (either by email or by snail mail) and you make a down payment corresponding to 30% of the creation price. After receiving the contract and the down payment, the commission is added to the commission schedule.

Step 4: I send you an email to let you know when I start working on the commission. The time needed to draw the creation depends on the style of drawing you've chosen, it will have been estimated in step 2. You'll have the possibility to follow the progression of the drawing either on if you have allowed its publication, or by email. This way, you'll be able to intervene if some slights modifications have to be done.

Step 5: When your drawing is completed, I send you an email with a tagged scan to know if there are modifications to do before fixing it.

Step 6: Once you've paid the balance due, I send you the drawing.

I'll be available to answer your questions all along the commission.

1 - Reproductions (prints)

The prices include sales tax as well as the folders which individually protect the reproductions. For shipping and handling charges, see "Shipping Conditions and Charges".

Reproduction size Price
13 x 18 cm (5.1 x 7.1 in.) 7 euros
A4 (21 x 29,7 cm) (8.3 x 11.7 in.) 15 euros
A3 (29,7 x 42 cm) (11.7 x 16.5 in.) 28 euros

On the images below, you can see the different sizes of reproductions, the way a reproduction is protected in its folder and the kind of packaging I will use to send your order. To each size of reproduction/creation its own size of packaging.

(Click to enlarge)

2 – Creations

Below you'll find the different prices for portraits, which means head + shoulders of the subjects, no background. Size: 36x26cm (10x14 inches)
If you're interested in another type of creation (animal portrait, landscape, monument, car, etc.) or if you want extra elements on the portrait, I invite you to contact me by email so that I can draw up an estimate.
The prices of the drawings are based on the number of hours needed to create them. They include all the taxes as well as the folders which individually protect the creations. The originals being sent as Registered Mail, the shipping and handling charges depend on the country you live in. See "Shipping Conditions and Charges".

Type of portrait Price
Sketch - Portrait
Technique: graphite; sepia; sanguine (red chalk)
Sketch - Double portrait
Technique: graphite; sepia; sanguine
Detailed sketch - Portrait
Technique: graphite; sepia; sanguine; monochrome (color pencil)
Detailed sketch - Double portrait
Technique: graphite; sepia; sanguine; monochrome (color pencil)
Semi realistic - Portrait
Technique: graphite; sepia + sanguine; monochrome (color pencil)
Semi realistic - Double portrait
Technique: graphite; sepia + sanguine; monochrome (color pencil)
Photo realistic - Portrait
Technique: graphite; color pencils
Photo realistic - Double portrait
Technique: graphite; color pencils

The difference between the 4 types of portraits lies in the level of details, hence the difference in time spent on each type of portrait.
For a photo realistic portrait, I apply 5 or 6 layers of graphite which are not all blended so that the skin looks more natural; the hair as well as the clothes are very detailed. A semi realistic portrait remains a very detailed portrait, but there are less details in the clothes, in the hair, and the skin looks much smoother because I apply only 2 or 3 layers of graphite that I blend. As for a sketch, there are enough details to recognize the subject, but there's only the outline and the main shadows. If you want a little more details than in a basic sketch, you can choose a detailed sketch.

Sketch: Johnny Depp
Detailed Sketch: Emy
Semi realistic: Natalie Portman
Photo realistic: Jason Manns

You can pay your commission by:

  • Paypal (possibility to pay by credit card without having to create a Paypal account)
  • International money order payable in Euros and accepted in France
  • check (cheque) written in euros and accepted in France

Sending cash by snail mail is forbidden by French law. Please note that International money order payments and checks add extra time to the realization and/or the delivery of the commission. They have to be made out to Aurélia Chaintreuil and sent to
18 Allée des Libellules
Lieu-dit Delphingue

When you buy reproductions or originals of drawings, you pay at the time you order.

When it's a personalized drawing commission, the client signs a contract and makes a 30% down payment with the order. Keep in mind that this down payment is not refundable. When the drawing is completed, the client receives an email with a scan for approval and then pays the balance due.

Here is the procedure for the reservation of the original of a drawing:

First, you have to contact me by email to check if the original of the drawing you're interested in is still available. If that's the case, I'll send you by email a reservation form (see example HERE) that you will have to print and send back to me, by mail, filled, dated and signed. (If you can't print it yourself, I'll send it to you by mail).

To validate the reservation of the original of a drawing, you'll be asked to make a down payment corresponding to 20% of the price of the original of the drawing (or 20% of the total value of the originals should you want to reserve more than one original drawing). This down payment is not refundable and can be payed:
- by Paypal (I'll give you the address at the required time)
- International money order payable in Euros and accepted in France to Aurélia Chaintreuil and sent, as well as the reservation form, to:
18 Allée des Libellules
Lieu-dit Delphingue

Upon receipt of this down payment, the original of the drawing will no longer be considered as "available for purchase" and it will be reserved for you for 4 months. During this period, as soon as I receive the balance due for the original of the drawing, I'll send it to you. Once the 4 months have passed, if you no longer want to purchase the original of the drawing, it will then be considered as "available for purchase" again, but the down payment won't be refunded.

The "Terms of Service" are the same whether the original drawing was purchased after a reservation period or not.

Important: The drawings are carefully packed in order to be well protected inside the parcel during shipping. Upon reception, if the packaging is damaged, you must refuse it. Indeed, once open, the parcel will be considered as accepted and you will no longer have the possibility to return it. In that case, send me an email to let me know that you've refused the parcel and to tell me if you want to get a refund or if you want me to send you a new parcel.


Other possible cases:

1) In the case of reproductions:
If it's an error of product, you have a week to send the parcel back to me. To do so, you send me an email to let me know about the problem so that I can prepare a new parcel. You send the reproductions back to me in their original packaging and upon reception of the parcel, I give you a refund on the shipping charges for the return and I send you a new parcel at my expenses, of course.

2) In the case of a creation exposed on the site:
If for any reason you were not completely satisfied with the original of a drawing exposed on the site, you'll have the possibility to return it to me within 7 days in its original packaging and in perfect condition. It's only on these conditions that you'll get a full refund on the drawing; however the shipping charges for the return will not be refunded.

3) Personalized drawing commissions cannot be returned.

Address for the returns:
18 Allée des Libellules
Lieu-dit Delphingue

Depending on the setting of your computer screen, there can be a slight difference between the scans you see on your screen and the tones of the original drawings or reproductions.


The reproductions are made using an Epson printer, Epson high quality photo paper and Epson ink cartridges. In normal conditions of preservation, the reproductions have a 70-year guarantee (and even more if they're printed in black and white only).

The creations are made on high quality drawing paper (watercolor or bristol) and fixed with 2 layers of fixative. They also have a 70-year guarantee in normal conditions of preservation.

1 - Conditions

If you order reproductions of drawings or creations displayed on the site, they will generally be shipped within 2 working days following the reception of your payment. In the case of a personalized creation, if you pay the balance due as soon as the drawing is considered as « done », you'll have to add at least one day to allow the fixative applied on the drawing time to dry.

I ship everywhere in the world.


2 - Shipping and handling charges

These rates apply from January 1st, 2019

- For the prints

The shipping and handling charges are not included in the price of the prints. Therefore, they are applied only once. They are independant of both the number of items and the total weight of the order.
Since July 2011, La Poste no longer offers the option « Standard International Letter », so all the orders will be sent as « Priority Letters ». So, there are now 3 different shipping rates (see the list below) :
- France, Metropolitan (1) – priority shipping : €4.20
- European Union + Switzerland (2) – priority shipping : €6.50
- Other countries + DOM TOM (3) – priority shipping : €6.50

- For the originals of drawings

The originals of drawings are sent as Registered Mail, i.e. a delivery on the signature of the person it is addressed to. There are 3 shipping rates, depending on the country you live in (see the list below):
- France, Metropolitan (1) : €8.30
- European Union + Switzerland (2) : €15.90
- Other countries + DOM TOM (3) : €15.90

If you would like to order prints at the same time as you order the original of a drawing (be it a print of the drawing in question or a print of another drawing), the shipping and handling charges will correspond to this fee (see above) no matter the number of products in the package.


(1) France, Metropolitan France, Andorra and Monaco
(2) Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, San Marino, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom and the City of Vatican.
(3) DOM TOM, European countries outside the European Union and all the other countries.

I remain the owner of the creations and reproductions as long as the balance of your order hasn't been paid.

All the images displayed on are protected by the (French) code of intellectual property which stipulates, among other things, that:

Article L121-1.The author enjoys the right of the respect of his name, of his quality and of his work. This right is attached to his person. It is perpetual, inalienable and imprescriptible. [...]

Article L121-2.Only the author has the right to disclose his work. [...] He determines the disclosure process and sets the conditions of it.

Article L121-4.Notwithstanding the transfer of his right of exploitation, the author, even subsequent to the publication of his work, enjoys a right of repentance or withdrawal towards the assignee. [...]

Article L122-1.The right of exploitation belonging to the author includes the right of representation and the right of reproduction.

Article L122-4.Any full or partial representation or reproduction done without the consent of the author or his beneficiaries or assigns is unlawful. It is the same for the translation, the adaptation or the transformation, the arrangement or the reproduction by any art or technique.

So you are not allowed to reproduce the creations exposed on the site as well as the ones done as commissions. If you wish, you can order reproductions of your commissioned artwork.

The applicable law is the French law.
The parties agree to submit to the exclusive competence of the materially competent jurisdictions in Lyons (France) which will judge, in accordance with the French laws, any issue relating to the contract signed at the time you commission a personalized drawing or to the purchase of creations/reproductions via the online store.

The watermark and the website name are only there to protect the scans displayed on the net. The only kinds of signature appearing in the print are the "ACC" and the "Aurelia-year" because they are actually part of the original of the drawing. In fact, the drawings are printed with a black frame around them (except for the 13 x 18 cm (5.1 x 7.1 in.)) with both the title of the drawing and my name written inside the frame, not on the drawing. You can see what it looks like in the following image (click to enlarge)

different sizes of reproductions

If you buy a print in an A4 or A3 size, the drawing will be printed within a black frame with both the title of the drawing and my name printed in white inside the frame.
If you don't want any frame around the drawing, just specify it when you order your print. Please note that, in this case, both the title of the drawing and my name will be printed in black.

All the prints sold in the Print Shop are printed on Epson paper with Epson ink but, even if you don't buy anything on the site, this might interest you so I thought I'd share what Epson recommends on how to take care of your prints.

As with all photos, care should be taken to preserve the long life of your prints. All color dyes change over time, but a few simple precautions will keep them in good condition for years to come.

Make sure your prints are completely dry

For best results, allow your prints to dry thoroughly for 24 hours before framing.

If you want to store your prints in a stack, allow them to dry invidually for at least 15 minutes, then place a sheet of plain paper between the invidual sheets in the stack. Allow a full day for the prints to dry before removing the plain paper.

Do not use a hair drier to dry your prints, and do not dry them by placing them in direct sunlight.

Avoid exposure to atmospheric contaminants or direct sunlight

Storing your prints in photo albums protects them from both airborne contaminants and light and assures them the longest life. We recommend using acid-free, archival sleeves that are commonly available from camera shops and other retailers.

If you're displaying your prints in picture frames, mount them under glass to minimize exposure to humidity, cigarette smoke and other atmospheric contaminants. Avoid placing them in direct sunlight or near sources of bright light. Your displayed prints will last longer when protected from the environment, but will not last as long as prints stored in photo albums.

If you're unable to limit your prints' exposure to airborne contaminants and light (for example, if you use them as postcards or display them on a refrigerator), they may discolor. The degree of discoloration depends on the environment and how much contaminants they're exposed to.


- Store your printouts away from extreme temperatures, high humidity and bright lights.

- Don't display or store your prints outdoor.

- Don't store your prints where they are exposed to chemicals, such as in a darkroom.

- Keep your unprotected prints away from sources of ozone, such as monitors and TV's, air cleaners or other sources of high voltage electricity.

- If you're framing your photo, avoid doing so when humidity is high, as condensation may form behind the glass. If the humidity is too high, store your print in a photo album or plastic sleeve until the humidity drops.