About the Site

I'd like to thank...

First of all my dear Marie, without her "Art by Aurélia" would not exist.

Also all the webmasters who are hosting some of my drawings on their sites.

The persons who allowed me to display the drawings I made for them.

The autographs shown on the site wouldn’t be there if it weren’t for: Jensen Ackles but also Mrs. Ackles, Beth from the Official Newsletter; Lara Fabian and my little sister because she’s THE fan of Lara; Emmanuel Curtil and Reynald & Greg for their help; Chris DowlingJason MannsEmad Alaeddin; Misha Collins; Donnie Wahlberg & Danny Wood and Zoë for her help.

All the people who took the time to send me a little note after visiting the site. It’s much appreciated and it encourages me to continue.

And finally, all the site's visitors. Don’t hesitate to come by often to check for updates ;)