Anatomy of a Drawing

Step 7 Time: 5 hours

Pencils used: mechanical pencil (noted mp): B and classical pencils (noted cp): 3B, 4B, 6B

Art Drawing – Tutorial - Making of Anakin Skywalker Portrait - Step 7

First thing to do: with a mp B, add a layer of graphite on the edges of the neck on both sides while still paying attention to the shape of the neck.

To finish the costume, I work the same way I did in step 6 (that is same pencils, darkest parts done first) from left to right. When the costume is finished, I check if the shade of neck needs to be adjusted once again.

There are only 2 things left to do:

- To clean the sheet all around the drawing to remove the dust of graphite created by the rubbing and/or the blending with Blu-Tack and eraser.

- To put the final touch: the signature! I have the habit of always writing it once the drawing is completely done because it allows me to better choose the size/the design of the signature in order not to overload the drawing.

Now, after 38 hours of work, I can at last say that the drawing is finished!

I only have to scan it and send it to my dear webmaster.

Note: to fix the drawing, I use a spray called "fixative for crayons, charcoal and pastels". Even if graphite is not a medium as dusty as charcoal or pastel, it is necessary to apply a layer of fixative if you don’t want the drawing to be spoiled when you place it in a portfolio, when you frame it or when you simply touch it. I apply the fixative on the artwork only after scanning it cause if a little "accident" happens, at least I have a saved copy of the drawing. From experience, I know sometimes the spraying of the fixative happens to be irregular or I can apply a too important layer of fixative and it can cause stains on the drawing.

Another example, the portrait of Jodie Foster, in the "cinema" gallery of the site, was first surrounded by 2 frames drawn with a simple black ball-point pen. Apparently the fixative was not compatible with that kind of pen, hence the blue frame to hide where the pen had leaked.