Anatomy of a Drawing

Step 6 Time: 5 hours

Pencils used: mechanical pencils (noted mp): 2H, H, HB, B, 2B and classical pencils (noted cp): 3B, 4B, 6B

Art Drawing – Tutorial - Making of Anakin Skywalker Portrait - Step 6

With the same pencils used in step 2, I finish Anakin’s hair.

Now, it’s time to make the costume. I start with the upper part on the left by drawing the darkest two lines with a cp 6B, and I color the folds above his shoulder using a cp 4B (+ blending) for the darkest part and an mp 2B for the lightest part above his shoulder, as well as between the 2 lines previously drawn.

Then, using a 6B pencil, I color the upper part of the costume respecting the shapes of its different elements and I accentuate the first 2 folds from the left. I blend a first time, and I apply a 2nd layer + blending to get something as regular as possible. Then, still in that part, I place the shadows with a cp 4B (+ blending) and at last with a cp 3B (blending + another layer that I don’t blend so that the fabric doesn’t have a too uniform aspect). Still using a 6B pencil, I draw the next fold in 2 steps as previously and I color between the folds with a cp 6B for the darkest part (+ blending), then cp 4B and at last cp 3B for the lightest part. I blend pressing on my mechanical pencil (re "Kleenex blending") to give a patina aspect because the fabric in this area is leather; I use Blu-Tack to create the shiny part on the edge of the leather, same thing for the reflections on the fabric. For the next element, whose darkest part has been previously colored, I draw a kind of cross-ruling (with lines following the shape of the element) in order to create an effect of texture on the fabric. As for the other parts, I begin with a cp 4B (+ blending) then a cp 3B (blending + another non blended layer). I first create the shadow on the right with a cp 4B before making the lightest part of the fabric with Blu-Tack. Otherwise I risk going over that part while blending the layer of 4B. For the last part done in that step, I start by drawing again the shadow created by the junction of the fabrics with a cp 6B and I color first with a cp 4B then with a cp 3B as previously, respecting the shape of the fabric.

Note: we can see at the end of that step that Anakin’s neck needs to be darkened.