Anatomy of a Drawing

Step 5 Time: 3 hours

Pencils used: mechanical pencils (noted mp): H, HB, B and classical pencils (noted cp): 4B, 6B

Art Drawing – Tutorial - Making of Anakin Skywalker Portrait - Step 5

The goal of this step is to finish the shading work on Anakin’s neck in order to start coloring the costume. As there’s no reference for the contrasts, I try to make a tone as close as the one desired and I’ll adjust it later if needed.

I start by drawing again the line between the costume and the neck with a mp B. I make the central part of the neck (the left part being previously done in step 4). As for the face, it’s important to respect the shape of the neck when applying the graphite (as my sheet is not fixed on my desk, I spend my time turning around to be in the best position). On the other hand, as the skin of the neck is less smooth than the face one, for the shadows, above all in the Adam’s apple region, I allow more pencil strokes to appear. Then I place the darkest shadows on the right side using a mp HB as well as the very dark shadow located at the root of the next with a 6B pencil and a 4B pencil that I blend. I color what’s left of the neck with an mp H (+ blending). If need be, I use Blu-Tack to make little lighter marks.