Anatomy of a Drawing

Step 4 Time: 5 hours

Pencils used: mechanical pencils (noted mp) H, HB, B, 2B and classical pencils (noted cp): HB, H, 7H, 9H

Art Drawing – Tutorial - Making of Anakin Skywalker Portrait - Step 4

I place the main shadows like the rings under his eyes with a B pencil. Then, I start working around the eye and on the eye itself as well as the eyebrow as I did in the previous step. Afterwards, I color the cheek up to the line between the cheek and the nose with a cp HB (blending + mp HB + blending) for the darkest shadows and a cp H for what’s left (ditto).

Note: I don’t know why but for the largest surfaces (the cheek in this case), I prefer applying the first layer of graphite with a classical pencil, I have the impression that it’s done in a more homogeneous way. On the other hand, for the second layer, as I make a succession of pencil strokes very close to each other, the mechanical pencils are not a problem.

Work around the mouth

I draw again the inside outline of the lips as well as the corner. Then I color the part located above the lips starting by making the darkest shadows with a mp HB: under the nose, the hollow above the lips as well as all the shadows above and under the mouth. Then I finish the shading work above the lips with a mp H. It’s only after doing this that I begin working on the lips. I start by making a lot of little pencil strokes with a mp HB following the shape of the lips, then I color the inside of the lips with a mp H (+blending). I draw again the little strokes and the darkest shadows and I create the reflections of light with Blu-Tack. Once the lips are done, still using Blu-Tack, I create lighter parts right above the lips to accentuate the effect of relief of the mouth.

Now, I can finish the lower part of the face. I draw again the outline of the cheek and of the chin with a mp B and I place shadows along that line (+ blending). I make the shading work on the chin (with a mp HB and a mp H) respecting its shape. I try to let some lighter parts where the light is reflected on the chin otherwise I’ll create these effects later using an eraser or Blu-Tack.

Last things to do in this step: the beauty spot with a B pencil and the little scar (yeah, one more) on his left cheek.