Terms of Service


All the images displayed on www.aurelia-art.com are protected by the (French) code of intellectual property which stipulates, among other things, that:

Article L121-1.The author enjoys the right of the respect of his name, of his quality and of his work. This right is attached to his person. It is perpetual, inalienable and imprescriptible. [...]

Article L121-2.Only the author has the right to disclose his work. [...] He determines the disclosure process and sets the conditions of it.

Article L121-4.Notwithstanding the transfer of his right of exploitation, the author, even subsequent to the publication of his work, enjoys a right of repentance or withdrawal towards the assignee. [...]

Article L122-1.The right of exploitation belonging to the author includes the right of representation and the right of reproduction.

Article L122-4.Any full or partial representation or reproduction done without the consent of the author or his beneficiaries or assigns is unlawful. It is the same for the translation, the adaptation or the transformation, the arrangement or the reproduction by any art or technique.

So you are not allowed to reproduce the creations exposed on the site as well as the ones done as commissions. If you wish, you can order reproductions of your commissioned artwork.


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