Terms of Service

Conditions and Payment Due Date

You can pay your commission by:

  • Paypal (possibility to pay by credit card without having to create a Paypal account)
  • International money order payable in Euros and accepted in France
  • check (cheque) written in euros and accepted in France

Sending cash by snail mail is forbidden by French law. Please note that International money order payments and checks add extra time to the realization and/or the delivery of the commission. They have to be made out to Aurélia Chaintreuil and sent to

18 Allée des Libellules
Lieu-dit Delphingue

When you buy reproductions or originals of drawings, you pay at the time you order.

When it's a personalized drawing commission, the client signs a contract and makes a 30% down payment with the order. Keep in mind that this down payment is not refundable. When the drawing is completed, the client receives an email with a scan for approval and then pays the balance due.


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